GWG Membership Benefits

Here are the benefits of joining the Giant Watermelon Growers Club (GWG)

  1. All members will receive free membership seed packs.
  2. Members will receive our annual newsletter which will include a list of prize and award winners.
  3. Prize money will be awarded to members in 1st through 20th place based on year end GPC weigh off results.
  4. Rosettes will be awarded for 1st through 20th place and 1st and 2nd 1st year grower winners.
  5. A “Floating” Trophy of Hope for the winner of the 1st place watermelon in the GWG. 
  6. A “Floating” World Record Trophy will be awarded to the GWG member who breaks the current world record. The new trophy was generously donated by an anonymous GWG member and will reside with the current world record holder, for the 2nd time Chris Kent, until his record is broken.

Our GWG Webmaster is GWG member, Caroline Kent, who we appreciate and thank for her creative effects in making this great website. 🙂