2016 Youth Awards

In 2015, the GWG started a youth award category with Susan Barber’s ideas and help.

This is a category that could help increase the number of watermelon growers as time goes on. Winners in this category will be given a youth award plaque and a free GWG membership for the following growing year.

The GWG will determine the winners by the sponsors of this category, if we have more than two winners each year. As always, the winners will be determined by the weight of the melon.

The two winners for 2015 were:

  1. Kaylee Drum – 223.50 melon – 2015 OH
  2. Cody Miller – 113 melon – 2015 NC

Rules for this award at this time are:

1. Be a non-member of the GWG and 16 years old or younger.
2. Youth only can weigh their melon at a local or state fair that has certified scales or at a GPC weigh-off site. If at a local or state fair, we would like a picture of the youth grower by the melon on the scales.
3. Youths can only win this award once.

GWG Committee