2015 GWG Prize Winners

Here is a list of the 2015 top 20 prize winning traditional melons, top 2 grafted melons, 1st year GWG member award, and mystery melon award, ranked by weight.

Top 20 Traditional Melons     
1257Larry BoyetteKenly, NC$1200
2250.5Frank MuddFlaherty, KY$750
3245.5Freddy BurchamAshland City, TN$550
4245Donald MurphyPink Hill, NC$4501st year member
5228Charles BentleyGrant, AL$3501st year member
6226.5Bill FossBuffalo, MN$275
7224.66Spencer GlasgowBessemer, AL$2251st year member
8223Bill NeptuneNew Concord, OH$200
9220Chris KentSevierville, TN$175
10215H.C. WilliamsBailey, NC$150
11208Al DavisWalnut Cove, NC$120*Tie for 11th place
11208Scott SteilRichmond, MN$120*1st year member
Tie for 11th place
13204Eric BurchamAshland City, TN$105
14200.5Tim BrusselSt. Johns, MI$100
15198.5Matt BurchamAshland City, TN$95
16193Marvin MitchellFenton, MI$90
17192.5Tyler ReinhardWaterville, OH$82.50*1st year member
Tie for 17th place
17192.5 Sue BlairMiddlefield, CT$82.50*Tie for 17th place
New State Record
**GWG State Record Plaque**
19183Gary MayBloomington, IN$751st year member
20178.5John Wayne BrooksRonda, NC$70

*In the event of a tie, the tying levels will be combined and split between the winners.

Top 2 Grafted Melons

There was $330 in the Grafted Category this year.
1st place $220. and 2nd place $110.

1. Ivan Bartoli – 151.34 lbs
Reggio Emilia, Italy

2. Gabriella Bartoli – 146.83 lbs
Reggio Emilia, Italy

1st Year GWG Member Award

Top two 1st year member that were not in top 20
This category was sponsored for 2015 by Todd Dawson. Thanks Todd.

1. Brian Crosby –  165 lbs ( New VT State Record ) **GWG State Record Plaque**
Saint Albans, VT

2. Joey Grmela – 162.50 lbs
Waxahachie, TX

Mystery Melon Award

We use random number generator for picking winners.
This category was sponsored for 2015 by Susan Barber. Thanks Susan.

1st Place: # 72 Mikkal Hodge – 152.5 lbs

2nd Place:  # 129 Doug Court –  107 lbs
Port Elgin, ON