2014 GWG Prize Winners

Here is a list of the top 20 prize winning traditional melons and Top 3 grafted melons, ranked by weight.  You’ll also find a list of other cash prizes awarded in 2014,

Top 20 Traditional Melons

Top 20 Traditional Melons    
1296.5Susan Barber Mount Orab, OH$1100
2272.5Bill NeptuneNew Concord, OH$700
3265H.C. WilliamsBailey, NC$500
4256Frank MuddFlaherty, KY$400
5251Chris KentSevierville, TN$300
6232 Todd DawsonGarner, NC$250
7231Ken BuckeyNew Concord, OH$200
8227Lloyd BrightHope, AR$175
9225John BrammerNew Hope, KY$150
10224Tim BrusselSt. Johns, MI$125
11222Larry BoyetteKenly, NC$100
12220Barbara Bright JonesBossier City, LA $92.50
12220Bill BrinkleyRussellville, KY$92.50
14215Tim PenningtonCorbin, KY$85
15209Marty SchnickerMt. Pleasant, IA$80
16207Al DavisWalnut Cove, NC$75
17193Bill FossBuffalo, MN$70
18191.5Bill EdwardsMarshall, MI$65
19186.8Marvin MitchellFenton, MI$60
20182.5John Wayne BrooksRonda, NC$55

Top 3 Grafted Melons

There were 13 members in this category for 2014.  With a $100 generous contribution from Donnie Myers of Willow Spring, NC

Top 3 Grafted Melons    
1297.6Gabriele BartoliReggio Emilia, Italy$350
2233Ivan BartoliReggio Emilia, Italy$225
3181Gabriele BartoliReggio Emilia, Italy$150

1st Year GWG Member Award

These two awards are for 1st time GWG members who don’t grow a melon that is in the top 20.  Those 1st year GWG members with the two heaviest melons in this group will be awarded 1st place melon and 2nd place melon in this category.

One of our members from the state of Tennessee has donated money to the 1st year GWG member award.  Due to the generosity of George Kopsell we will have two 1st year member awards this year and we are truly thankful for this great member.

Mystery Melon Award

 1st Mystery Melon – $50 Awarded and a GWG rosette to the member who grows a watermelon from 100 lbs. to the first melon grown below the 20th place prize.

2nd Mystery Melon – $25 Awarded to the member who grows a watermelon from lowest weight to 99 lbs.

The weights selected by the GWG board to win these awards will not be released until after the GPC weigh offs are all over. That is what makes it mystery melons.

The winners will be two members who have watermelons closest to those selected weights without going over.

Lloyd BlairMiddlefield, CT162.5 lbsMystery Melon $50
Brain KibblerMorris, NY74 lbsMystery Melon$25
Lee Zappa Sharpsville, PA177.5 lbs1st Year GWG Member Award$50
Mark GasparovicGosport, IN170.5 lbs1st Year GWG Member Award$25