GWG Award Categories

Mystery Melon Award

One of our members from the State of Tennessee has donated money to the Mystery Melon Award. Due to the generosity of George Kopsell for the third year we will have two Mystery Melon Awards this year. The total for these donated awards is $75 and we are truly thankful for this great member.

1st Mystery Melon – $50 Awarded and a GWG rosette to the member who grows a watermelon from 100 lbs. to the first melon grown below the 20th place prize.

2nd Mystery Melon – $25 Awarded to the member who grows a watermelon from lowest weight to 99 lbs.
The weights selected by the GWG board to win these awards will not be released until after the GPC weigh offs are all over. That is what makes it mystery melons.

The winners will be two members who have watermelons closest to those selected weights without going over.

1st Year GWG Member Award

These two awards are for 1st time GWG members who don’t grow a melon that is in the top 20.  Those 1st year GWG members with the two heaviest melons in this group will be awarded 1st place melon and 2nd place melon in this category.

1st Place Melon – $50 and a GWG rosette
2nd Place Melon – $25

These categories are not for the heavy hitters (whoever you are).

If you have a melon placing in the top 20 of the GWG, you will not qualify for the Mystery Melon Award or 1st Year GWG Member Award.

Both the Mystery Melon Award and 1st Year GWG Member Award are for growers in the traditional category only. The melons must be weighed at a GPC sanctioned site, the member must have dues paid by June 1, 2017, and the watermelon must be undamaged and sound condition

Trophy of Hope

This new “floating” trophy will be presented to the champion, with his/her name, melon weight, year, and state, engraved on the bottom. The winner will keep the trophy for that year, and box it up and mail it to the next years champion.

This should be very exciting, and be a bragging right to get the trophy to your state or providence. Things are looking awesome for the members of the GWG, and now the chase for the trophy of HOPE begins.

“Floating” World Record Trophy

This trophy has been anonymously donated by one of our GWG members. It will pay tribute to all the world record watermelons growers from 1925 to date. The trophy will include their name, weight, state and year grown.

The “Floating” World Record Trophy will be awarded to the GWG member who breaks the current world record and will reside with the current world record holder, (for the 2nd time Chris Kent), until his record is broken. Their name will then be added to the trophy and Chris will pass it on to the new world record holder.

Members must be in good standing by June 1st to be eligible. Watermelons must be weighed at GPC sanctioned weigh-off. If it looks like a watermelon and it is undamaged . . .it counts!!

Good luck to all ….. let’s grow some BIG melons!!