GWG Member Pictures

Here are some great melon pictures from some of our GWG grower members. To see the full size image, just click on the thumbnail and that will load the larger picture in a new page.

Bill EdwardsGiant Watermelon Picture - 316 EdwardsThis is a picture of Bill's 2013 316 Edwards. It set a new Michigan state record as well as a new world record! It was from the 239 Leonard x 199.5 Mudd.
Bryan JonesGiant Watermelon Picture - 172-157 Jones 2008This is a picture of Bryan's 172 and 157 melons from 2008 (featuring Dawson and Jordan Reed my stepsons). They were grown off a Bright seed.
Bryan MaileyThis is a picture of Bryan's 206.5 melon. Bryan is a Canadian grower and this was his first attempt at growing a giant watermelon! It was a 222.4 Hunt x self.
Caroline KentGiant Watermelon Picture - 233.1 Kent-2011This is a picture of my 233.1 Kent. It is a 36 Kent x Open. It was weighed at the 2011 Allardt Pumpkin Festival and placed 2nd!
Chris KentThis is a picture of Chris's 2013 new world record 350 melon. It is a 291 Kent x 274 Kent.
Danielle BerryGiant Watermelon Picture - 181 Berry-2011This is a picture of Danielle's 181 melon. It is a 291 Kent x 255 Mitchell.
Darrel BerryGiant Watermelon Picture - 234 Berry - 2011This is a picture of Darrel's 234 melon. It is a 255 Mitchell x 291 Kent.
David JohnstonGiant Watermelon Picture - 151 JohnstonHere is a photo of a 151 Johnston we grew. It is our personal best. This is my oldest daughter, Mia posing with the melon.
Eric ProctorGiant Watermelon Picture - 221 Proctor-2011This is a picture of Eric's 221 Proctor. It was a 204 Edwards x 209 Edwards and was weighed at the Harnica Farms Great Pumpkin Weigh-off.
Frank MuddThis is a picture of Frank's 290 Mudd, taken at the 2013 Bear Wallow Weigh Off in Nancy, KY. It set a new state record. 199.5 Mudd x Self.
H.C. WilliamsGiant Watermelon Picture - 233.5 WilliamsThis is a picture of 233.5 H.C. Williams.
Jake HollowayThis is a picture of Jake's Georgia State Record Watermelon. It weighed 238.5 pounds and is a 282 Dawson crossed with a 291 Kent.
Janet KentGiant Watermelon Picture - 260 KentThis is a picture of Janet's 260 Kent. It is a 255 Mitchell X 239 Leonard.
Jerry And Trey VaughnGiant Watermelon Picture - 217 Vaugn2008 Mississippi state record, weighing 217.5 lbs. The parent melon is 249 lb. Bright.
Jimmy BrittThis is a picture of Jimmy Britt's 194.5 melon. It placed 2nd at the Raleigh Farmers Market in 2011.
John ConverseGiant Watermelon Picture - 147 Converse2010 147.5 Converse weighed at the NEGPGA weigh-off at the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, Ma. This was my first try growing giant watermelons, and it was grown from a Walmart seed. It weighed 147.5 and is the Connecticut State record.
John GunterGiant Watermelon Picture - 107 Gunter And 99 GunterThe melon on my right is Gunter 107.8 (2010), The one on my left is Gunter 99 (2010). Molly and Noah are sitting on a 104.6 (113x 243)
Kirk WebbGiant Watermelon Picture - 131-webb-2010This is a 131 Webb from 2010. It was 246 Bright off spring x open.
Kyle Clark
This is photo of Kyle's 130 Clark. It was weighed in at the Utah 2011 Thanksgiving point weigh-off put on by UGPG (Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers). Parents: 149.5 White x 193 White
Larry BoyetteGiant Watermelon Picture - 211 Boyette This is a picture of Larry's 211 Boyette, grown in 2009.
Lee ZappaThis is a picture of Lee's 208.5 Zappa, taken at the 2013 Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off in Sharpsville, PA.
Lloyd BlairThis is a picture of Lloyd's 191 Blair, weighed at the 2013 Durham Fair in Durham, CT. It set a new Connecticut State record!
Lloyd BrightGiant Watermelon Picture - 268 BrightThis is a picture of Lloyd's 268.8 melon. It was open pollinated from 157 Bright 2004.
Marvin MitchellGiant Watermelon Picture - 255 MitchellThis is a picture of my 255 Mitchell. It was the 2007 Michigan record holder. 168 Johnson X 157 Bright.
Phil & Jane HuntGiant Watermelon Picture - 222 Hunt222.4 Hunt was grown from the 224 Westfall & was selfed.
Susan BarberThis is a picture of Susan's 206.50 Barber, taken at the 2013 Bear Wallow Weigh-off in Nancy, KY. 199.5 Mudd x 272 Edwards.
Susan Blair This is a picture of Susan's 161 Blair, weighed at the 2013 Durham Fair in Durham, CT. This was Susan's first melon and she set a new state record...for 15 minutes!
Tim BrusselThis is a picture of Tim's 239 Brussel, taken at the 2013 Central Great Lakes Weigh-off in St. John's Michigan. 260.5 Clementz x Open.
Tina And Frank FindersGiant Watermelon Picture - 172 FindersThis is a picture of 172 Finders.
Todd DawsonTodd Dawson - Titanic 2nd Annual Ice Carving CompetitionThis is a picture of Todd's ice carving from the Titanic's 2nd Annual Ice Carving Competition, held in Pigeon Forge, Tn. on 1-14-12. Todd placed 1st in the Professional Division!
Todd DawsonGiant Watermelon Picture - 282 Dawson-2011This is a picture of Todd's 2011 North Carolina State Record 282 Dawson. It was a 255 Mitchell x Open.