2012 GWG Prize Structure

2012 GWG Prize Structure

We are very pleased to announce the prize structure for 2012!! There is a total of $4675 cash prizes.

1st Place $1100
2nd Place $700
3rd Place $500
4th Place $400
5th Place $300
6th Place $250
7th Place $200
8th Place $175
9th Place $150
10th Place $125
11th Place $100
12th Place $95
13th Place $90
14th Place $85
15th Place $80
16th Place $75
17th Place $70
18th Place $65
19th Place $60
20th Place $55

Members must be in good standing by June 1st 2012 to be eligible. Watermelons must be weighed at GPC sanctioned weigh-off. If it looks like a watermelon and it is undamaged…. it counts!!

Good Luck to all in 2012….. let’s grow some BIG Melons!!

GWG Committee